If you would like to learn more about the “Here Is Where” project or recommend a nationally significant historic site that is unmarked and deserving of recognition, please e-mail us at: HereIsWhereUSA@yahoo.com.

If you would like to contact the Legacy Project about contributing war letters to its campaign to seek out and preserve America’s wartime correspondence, please write to us at:

The Legacy Project
PO Box 53250
Washington, D.C. 20009

E-mails can be forwarded to: HereIsWhereUSA@yahoo.com

If you are sending letters, please mail a legible photocopy or typed transcript of the material. Make sure to include information on the serviceman or woman who wrote the letter (e.g., where he or she served, his or her rank, and any other important personal and/or background information), as well as your phone number and an address where we can contact you.

Please DO NOT send original letters unless you are planning on throwing away the material otherwise. We cannot return anything sent to us, unless we have specifically asked to borrow it for a special project or museum display.

(Please note that we are an all-volunteer operation and due to the high volume of e-mails we receive, it is often difficult for us to reply immediately. But we are grateful to those who take the time to write and will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible.)

For media inquiries only, please email: HereIsWhereUSA@aol.com.